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Traffic Tickets

We provide professional and effective legal services that you can afford.

X-Copper fights traffic tickets better than anyone.

Traffic tickets – from speeding to careless driving to disobeying a stop sign – can impact your driving freedom. These and other traffic tickets result in demerit points, licence suspensions, hefty fines and even jail time. On top of that, they can dramatically raise your insurance rates or make you uninsurable. With auto insurance being as expensive as it is in Canada, can you really afford not to fight every traffic ticket?

Don’t just pay the fine or take your chances in court alone. Protect your driving freedom by picking up the phone and calling X-Copper today at 1-888-XCOPPER. 

Why choose X-Copper?

  • Our team of licensed paralegals and former police officers know traffic laws inside and out. With over 100,000 satisfied clients, we are the most experienced legal services provider in Canada.
  • We can help you keep unwanted demerit points off your driving record.
  • We understand the importance of having a clean driving record. Don’t make the mistake of paying the fine(s) and effectively pleading guilty before consulting one of X-Copper's legal professionals.
  • We have an expert understanding of traffic court procedures and the methods of law enforcement.


Monday February 23, 2015
I was originally skeptical of using X-Copper instead of lawyers to fight a fine worth several thousand dollars and a major suspension. The team at X-Copper proved me right for choosing them. From th... [Read More] ...life for the better. It was a better scenario than we ever imagined, and I could not have had a more fair, respectful, and professional team to manage the case the entire way. Thank You X-Copper. "
Jason - Toronto , Ontario
Toronto Branch