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Traffic Tickets

Failing to Remain at the Scene

We at X-Copper have successfully represented thousands of people just like you, who have been charged with failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

Failing to remain is one of the most serious charges in the Highway Traffic Act. The statute says that anyone involved in an accident must remain at, or return immediately to the scene, and render all possible assistance. You are also required to provide any person(s) involved with the following information:

  • Name and address
  • Driver's Licence number and jurisdiction
  • The vehicle's insurer and policy number
  • the name and address of the registered owner of the vehicle
  • permit number

If you refuse to provide this information, you could also be found guilty of failing to remain. This charge is considered to be extremely serious, and the penalties reflect that:

  • A fine of between $400-$2000
  • Seven demerit points
  • Possible suspension of your driver's licence for up to two years
  • Possible jail time of up to six months

A failing to remain conviction will stay on your driver's abstract for three years. If you are able to find a company to insure you again, your premiums could be thousands of dollars more per year.

How can X Copper help you fight a Fail to Remain Charge?

At X-Copper, our team of paralegals are licenced to provide legal services by The Law Society of Upper Canada. This ensures you the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality when working with us.

Our licenced paralegals are always well prepared to handle your representation, well in advance. We request and review the police officers notes, examine disclosure evidence before we ever go to court. This ensures our clients a competent and professional representation throughout the process. At X-Copper, we always aim to have your charges eliminated. If we are unsuccessful in doing so, we work to prevent the suspension of your licence, protect against demerit points, and negotiate the lowest possible fine with the prosecutor. If applicable, we work to prevent imprisonment.

X-Copper is committed to providing effective legal services you can afford.

Protect your driving freedom. Call us now for your free consultation at 1-888-XCOPPER (1-888-926-7737) or click here for a free online quote. 

X-Copper Reviews and Testimonials

Friday November 14, 2014
I want to thank you for not only your service but also the professionalism that you showed when we meet. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone that needs assistance in the future. Again a sincere thank you. "
Chris - Ottawa , Ontario
Ottawa Branch
Thursday August 14, 2014
When I got two tickets in 10 minutes by the same policeman, I knew I need someone who can fight for me. X-Copper was the first name came up in my mind. I can't say enough about their services. Saeed ... [Read More] ...always. I recommend X-Copper to anyone that may have concerns about their insurance going high after a speeding ticket. Again, thank you for your kindness assistance and I will be forever grateful. "
Steven - Ottawa , Ontario
Ottawa Branch