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Traffic Tickets


X-Copper has successfully represented tens of thousands of clients who have been charged with traffic tickets for speeding.

The penalties for speeding are based on how many kilometers over the speed limit you were allegedly traveling at:

  • 0-15km over: 0 demerit points
  • 16-29km over: 3 demerit points
  • 30-49km over: 4 demerit points
  • 50+ km over: 6 demerit points, suspension of your driver’s licence. (**Note, if you are traveling at a rate of speed at 50 or more kilometers over the limit, you can also be charged for stunt driving/racing/excessive speed under section 172 of the Highway Traffic Act**).

The set fines for speeding are between $3.00 - $9.75 per kilometer, depending on how fast you were traveling.  If you are charged with speeding in a community safety or construction zone with the workers present, the set fines are doubled.  Any speeding conviction will stay on your driving record for 3 years.

How can X-Copper help you fight a speeding ticket?

X-Copper prepares for every speeding case by ordering and reviewing the Police Officer’s notes and disclosure evidence before we attend court on your behalf.  This ensures that our team of professionals are always prepared to represent you before we have even walked into the court room.

All of X-Copper’s paralegals are licensed to provide legal services by The Law Society of Upper Canada.  This ensures that all of our clients receive the highest levels of professionalism, confidentiality, and security for their legal representation. 

X-Copper’s team of professionals will always strive to eliminate your charges entirely. If we are unsuccessful in eliminating the charges, we will negotiate with the prosecutors to protect against demerit points, protect your licence from being suspended, negotiate the lowest possible fine and keep you out of jail (if applicable).

X-Copper is committed to providing effective legal services you can afford.

Protect your driving freedom. Call us now for your free consultation at 1-888-XCOPPER (1-888-926-7737) or click here for a free online quote. 

X-Copper Reviews and Testimonials

Tuesday April 12, 2016
This is fantastic news!!! Thank you X-COPPER for hitting this one out of the park!!!

Michael - Oshawa , Ontario
Toronto - North Branch
Thursday February 12, 2015
I have used XCOPPER for a speeding ticket that could have cost me my job, they showed up in court for me and had the ticket quashed, meaning the ticket was erased, no fine, no points, and no time off work for me, this was money well spent for me. "
Steve - Calgary , Alberta
Calgary Branch