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Traffic Tickets

Disobeying A Stop Sign – Fail To Stop

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Since 2008, X-Copper has been a trusted brand name for legal representation in Canada. X-Copper has successfully defended thousands of clients across Canada who have been charged with traffic violations for disobeying a stop sign.

Failing to stop at a stop sign is one of the most common traffic violations in Canada. Whether or not the way is clear to proceed, if you do NOT come to a complete stop you are in fact committing this traffic offence.  This offence may seem minor in nature however the penalties for the offence will affect your driving record for 3 years and could have an impact on your annual insurance rate.


  • Three demerit points
  • A conviction on your driving record for three years

How can X-Copper help you fight a Disobeying a Stop Sign Charge?

X-Copper prepares for every fail to stop case by ordering and reviewing disclosure (police officer’s evidence) prior to attending court on your behalf.  This effectively ensures that our legal professionals are overly prepared to represent your case before the courts. 

X-Copper is committed to providing effective legal services you can afford.

Protect your driving freedom. Call us now for your free consultation at 1-888-XCOPPER (1-888-926-7737) or click here for a free online quote. 

X-Copper Reviews and Testimonials

Thursday February 12, 2015
I have used XCOPPER for a speeding ticket that could have cost me my job, they showed up in court for me and had the ticket quashed, meaning the ticket was erased, no fine, no points, and no time off work for me, this was money well spent for me. "
Steve - Calgary , Alberta
Calgary Branch
Tuesday July 29, 2014
Excellent work. Michelle was very helpful in explaining the procedure to and she gave me a potential conclusion without overpromising. I was leaving the country and she said I didn’t need to do this a... [Read More] ...all charges were dropped and their fees were about the same as what the fine would have been, but no points and therefore, no increase in insurance. No-brainer to use their services, Thanks again. "