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Traffic Tickets

Failing to Remain at the Scene

Welcome to X-Copper Alberta!

We at X-Copper have successfully represented thousands of Canadians just like you, who have been charged with failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

Failing to remain is one of the most serious charges in the Alberta Traffic Safety Act the statute says that anyone involved in an accident must remain at, or return immediately to the scene, and render all possible assistance. You are also required to provide any person(s) involved with the following information:

  • Name and address
  • Driver's Licence number and jurisdiction
  • The vehicle's insurer and policy number
  • the name and address of the registered owner of the vehicle
  • permit number

If you refuse to provide this information, this could result in additional serious charges. Failing to remain is considered to be extremely serious, and the penalties reflect that:

  • Seven demerit points
  • Possible suspension of your driver's licence
  • Possible jail time

A failing to remain at the scene conviction will stay on your driver's abstract for 3 years. If you are able to find a company to insure you again, your premiums could be thousands of dollars more per year.

How can X Copper help you fight a Fail to Remain Charge?

X-Copper prepares for every Failing to Remain at the Scene case by requesting and reviewing the disclosure (Officers evidence) in advance. To our clients, this means competent and knowledgeable representation in court.

We will always strive to have all charges against you dropped, protect your driver's license and potential points against it. Should this not be the outcome we will work to negotiate a lesser fine, lesser points, and if applicable jail time.

X-Copper is committed to providing effective legal services you can afford.

Protect your driving freedom. Call us now for your free consultation at 1-888-XCOPPER (1-888-926-7737) or click here for a free online quote. 

X-Copper Reviews and Testimonials

Sunday February 15, 2015
With regards to the traffic ticket I wish to thank Stephanie Peters and Calgary/Jasper X-Copper team for your efforts on my behalf. I was certainly happy with the outcome and I will not hesitate to recommend your services. Thank you once again. "
Alex - Calgary , Alberta
Calgary Branch
Monday July 28, 2014
Working with X-Copper was a very professional experience, I’m grateful for the assistance. All the best "