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Traffic Tickets

X-Copper Client Reviews

Many of X-Copper's clients have taken the time to thank us for helping them with their legal predicaments.

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Here is what some satisfied clients are saying:

Friday January 13, 2017

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY This is awesome!! Thank you so much for your constant communications and of course for the result! I've worked in customer service based positions for about 6 years now, and I have to say I was blown away by X-Copper's services and your professionalism in particular. All the best P. Di Giovanni "

Thursday January 12, 2017

Thank-you Megan. I am very pleased with the results from X-copper and will be using your services in the future. All communications were timely. I did not have to attend my court date and you won my desired outcome. Very, very happy. Thank-you again; please send all of my best to everyone involved in my case. Jeff "

Wednesday December 21, 2016

I'd also like to give the biggest thanks i possibly can to you and my representative for court, and all of X-copper in its entirety. You guys saved my independence, my family's independence, and have covered me when I thought that I was cooked for the next 5 years. On behalf of myself and my entire family, we'd like to thank you for your services, and also wish all of you at X-copper a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Thanks so much Brandy! Pasquale "

Thursday December 15, 2016

I wanted to thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. I realize this is your business and we will never get the chance to meet so I need you to know that I took this very seriously and will be forever grateful. "

Thursday November 17, 2016

Megan, Thank you very much for all your assistance in the matter. It was a fantastic result. I hope I don’t need your services anytime soon. However I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know. Great work! Regards, David "

Friday October 21, 2016

Thank you so much David for all your efforts with my case. I'm so pleased with everything and I so appreciate everything you did for me . You're a credit to your profession and I count myself fortunate to have had you working on my behalf. I will certai... "

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Tuesday April 12, 2016

This is fantastic news!!! Thank you X-COPPER for hitting this one out of the park!!!
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Friday March 4, 2016

On August 1st, 2015 I had a minor accident in a residential area with my tractor trailer in Oakville, ON. I was making a left hand turn and the way was clear. Another driver was also turning right onto the same road. However I starting turning onto the r... "

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Monday February 8, 2016

Thank you for everything Brandy. I had no idea a firm like yours could be so professional, but I know now! We won’t forget you and X Copper. I will spread the word around that X Copper is the best! Melanie is so delighted with the disposition. Scott, th... "

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Wednesday January 13, 2016

Just got the letter from David about the withdrawal, BEST news! I wanted to personally thank David and Brandy. Thank you so much to everyone at X Copper. Throughout the entire process I was kept informed and received very professional service. I would de... "

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Monday August 31, 2015

We were referred to Saeed Hashemian at X-copper, from and acquaintance familiar with my needs. The service we received was beyond expectations: friendly, clear, concise, unrushed and attention to every necessary detail. All communication was attended to ... "

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Thursday July 30, 2015

I would like to thank you and your team at the Brampton office all the advice, direction you gave me during the preparation for my case. "

Monday June 29, 2015

Kaitlin exceeded my expectations in every regard.She was friendly, professional, articulate, knowledgeable and dealt with my time sensitive matter in a timely manner. Congratulations to you, Kaitlin and your Firm on the successful outcome! "

Xcopper was very professional and helpful, they were able to get everything dropped. I still cant believe it and i would recommend xcopper to anyone! "

Monday June 15, 2015

I am pleased to endorsed X-Copper Professional Corporation. Meaghan McCuaig and her team were very professional while handling my case. I knew after sitting down with Meaghan she cared about the outcome of my case which eased my tension of the situation. ... "

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Wednesday June 10, 2015

The process of going through the courts was long but X-Copper was always confident about my case. My representative in court knew the system and always kept me informed. When it was my turn to testify, my representative was able to advise me of proper d... "

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Thursday May 7, 2015

I was extremely pleased with my results. Meaghan from X-Copper was professional and always kept me in the loop when she had any new information about my case. I'm so happy I listened to a friend. Definitely made the right choice by letting X-Copper take c... "

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Tuesday April 14, 2015

X-Coppers was incredibly helpful in my accident case. I was facing losing half of my demerits and over $500 in fines, but after the dust settled, I ended up losing no demerit points and receiving no fines. The process was made so much easier due to the ... "

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It was a pleasure to work with Saeed Hashemian who handled my recent traffic violation ticket. From the moment we met, he handled my case with sincerity, integrity and compassion, keeping me aware of the proceedings throughout the entire process. He pro... "

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Saturday April 11, 2015

Thank you so much for a job well done. I am very, very pleased with the outcome. This has taken a great load off of my mind. X-COPPERS....I would highly recommend their services to any one. "

Thursday April 9, 2015

I just received your email about the case and am very pleased with the results and service that was provided! You will always be very highly recommended on my behalf for the legal services you provide. "

Tuesday April 7, 2015

Wow! Is all I can say. I brought a ticket for driving with a handheld to X-Copper and explained the details of my case. Meaghan was extremely efficient and professional. I dii everything over the phone and email and didn't have to take time off work to go... "

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Monday March 30, 2015

I'm still in disbelief. I'm sure your aware of what happened.This has been a super awesome day. Your objective approach, support and expert legal knowledge of the options I had were incredible and appreciated. I want to thank you soooo much, for everythin... "

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Friday March 27, 2015

I received your message and I just want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, this charge is definitely a lot better than a careless driving charge, I am ok and I did purchase another car, I bought a really nice 2003 Chevy Malibu, I have had i... "

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Tuesday March 24, 2015

I just received the Final Invoice letter from you and I would just like to thank you for all your help on my ticket. I will recomend XCopper to anyone I know who needs help with a driving charge. Thanks "

Thursday March 12, 2015

A job well done. Thank for all the expert and moral support given all throughout case. Again, Thank you. "

Tuesday February 24, 2015

Thank you for your services. Everything went well. It was wonderful working with you. You were clear, concise, and on time. Very professional yet understanding. "

Monday February 23, 2015

I was originally skeptical of using X-Copper instead of lawyers to fight a fine worth several thousand dollars and a major suspension. The team at X-Copper proved me right for choosing them. From the first day the entire team connected with me, were ver... "

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Sunday February 15, 2015

With regards to the traffic ticket I wish to thank Stephanie Peters and Calgary/Jasper X-Copper team for your efforts on my behalf. I was certainly happy with the outcome and I will not hesitate to recommend your services. Thank you once again. "

Thursday February 12, 2015

I have used XCOPPER for a speeding ticket that could have cost me my job, they showed up in court for me and had the ticket quashed, meaning the ticket was erased, no fine, no points, and no time off work for me, this was money well spent for me. "

Wednesday February 11, 2015

Thank you so much XCOPPER for eliminating the $400 fine that awaited me and saving the loss of 6 demerit points on my license. XCOPPER successfully quashed my careless driving charge completely. It was so easy and stress free, I am so glad I chose your fi... "

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I have used Xcopper on a few occasions The person I normally deal w/ is Stephanie Peters she has given me great insight why a person has the right never to pay tickets fight them instead keep points of you're driving record + keep insurance cost down. It ... "

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Wednesday February 4, 2015

Just want to let you know - when I was looking for help, I was calling different numbers and spoke to different people offering same service. Your response and the way of handling questions was different - that's why I decided to continue with you. Happy ... "

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Thursday December 11, 2014

Both Tom & Jenny from the Oshawa branch were extremely professional and put me at ease immediately. I tend to be somewhat of a "wimp" when it comes to legal matters, however their knowledge and support made this process much easier. The original more seri... "

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Friday December 5, 2014

I retained these services for a traffic ticket in September 2014. I was facing a charge of improper left hand turn. We went to trial and my representative was Tom. My charge was completely withdrawn. I was extremely pleased with this service and would hig... "

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Sunday November 23, 2014

As a first time user of X-Copper,I was not aware of what a professional and excellent company I would be working with. Being charged with careless driving, after having been in a very serious accident, I was nervous as to what the outcome of my situation ... "

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Saturday November 22, 2014

Thank you to the X-Copper team of Megan Holman, and support staff for resolving my speeding ticket. I had never used X-Copper before and can now recommend them to anyone who feels that the policing system for ticketing has failed them. I was in traffic tr... "

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Friday November 14, 2014

I want to thank you for not only your service but also the professionalism that you showed when we meet. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone that needs assistance in the future. Again a sincere thank you. "

Thursday August 14, 2014

When I got two tickets in 10 minutes by the same policeman, I knew I need someone who can fight for me. X-Copper was the first name came up in my mind. I can't say enough about their services. Saeed and his team were professional as always. I recommend X... "

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Tuesday July 29, 2014

Excellent work. Michelle was very helpful in explaining the procedure to and she gave me a potential conclusion without overpromising. I was leaving the country and she said I didn’t need to do this and enlist their services, for which I appreciated the h... "

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Monday July 28, 2014

Working with X-Copper was a very professional experience, I’m grateful for the assistance. All the best "

Tuesday June 3, 2014

I just wanted to give you and X-Copper big thanks for obtaining a very satisfactory result for me in this stressful situation. I appreciate your straightforward professional approach and will not hesitate to recommend your services in the future. "

Thursday May 15, 2014

So far, your Office has been a model of efficiency, open communications and professionalism. In my view, all legal related Offices including those of law firms should operate in the manner that I have seen from your Office to-date. "

Tuesday April 15, 2014

Hi Brandy, That is great news! I am very pleased with the outcome! You have given me peace of mind throughout the whole process, turning this terrible occurance into a pleasant experience. I will recomend X-Copper to everyone, and will definately call upo... "

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I recently had occasion to enlist the help of X-Copper. As this was my first incident dealing with the court system, I was unfamiliar with what the process would be. I found them knowledgeable and was treated with great respect. With their help and advice... "

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Saturday April 5, 2014

I would like to thank everyone at X-Copper for the outstanding results of my case. Getting the entire charge thrown out was far beyond what I expected to happen. I highly recommend their service to anyone who needs it. Thanks Again "

Friday February 21, 2014

Hi Brandy. Many many thanks to you and Mike for your support. You have been just incredible to work with and I am so grateful for your work and the great outcome you were able to facilitate "

Thursday February 13, 2014

Thank you to the X-Copper team of Tom Walton, Stephanie Columbus, Paul Andrews and support staff for getting a family member's speed trap (7% signed downhill grade!) charge withdrawn today. Mr. Andrews sure knew how to conduct matters in court. The init... "

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Wednesday February 12, 2014

I'd like to thank Xcopper for taking care of my speeding ticket that I got in Niagara Falls, NY in December of 2013. The ticket was scrapped and I didn't have to pay anything. Xcopper's legal fees were very reasonable and I never had to go to court... the... "

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While travelling on business, I was arrested for drinking and driving. X-Copper bailed me out from jail the next day and helped me with my case. My Lawyer explained everything to my wife and I and we felt very comfortable throughout the process. Although ... "

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I had never heard of X-Copper until I found them online and am I ever glad that I did. I was set up by my ex-wife and as a result I was arrested. 4 months later, X-Copper and their Lawyers kept me out of jail. I was very happy and impressed with this serv... "

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I was involved in an accident and falsely charged with Dangerous Driving. After several months, X-Copper was successful in reducing my criminal charge to a traffic ticket. They saved my driver licence from a one year suspension and kept my criminal record... "

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X-Copper got me off of my possession charge and now I can travel. I just had to make a charitable donation and I never even had to go to court. I would hire X-Copper again if I need them. "

I was charged with Over 80 and I hired X-Copper. I would not hesitate to recommend X-Copper to anyone that has been charged with a criminal offence. The first meeting was free and they told me exactly how much my case would cost me up front. I found my La... "

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Tuesday February 11, 2014

100% pleased. Very effective service that I in no way regret. Great people. Made everything stress free and easy. Careless driving charge. What careless driving charge?. They got it dropped. Thanks x copper I will recommend your services to everybody I k... "

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Friday February 7, 2014

I found X-Copper Legal Services to be a cohesive and simple process. Ron LYNN was professional and pleasant to work with. I had an excellent experience with X-Copper and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They reduced one ticket and was able... "

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Monday February 3, 2014

Thank you. My regards also and thanks to Mr. Simard for his expert assistance and support. I appreciated the professionalism of your company and would not hesitate to recommend it to others. "

Friday January 3, 2014

I thank all involved. It was a good outcome and I am glad that I did have your firm represent me. It was money and time well spent on my behalf. I am confirming what the company is advertising: Professional, Effective and Affordable. I will certainly... "

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Monday December 23, 2013

"I asked them to get a remand for me because I would be out of the country....They did better than that!! They got it withdrawn!!!" "Thank you so much! You are the BEST!!!I will definitely use you again if I have to and tell all my friends!.... "

Tuesday December 17, 2013

My experience from the first day I called and dropped by was very positive and very professional.The agent who defended me in court was very well prepared and did a totally excellent job.Can't say how impressed I was overall and I would (if ever required ... "

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Monday December 16, 2013

Ron Lynn did a superb job from start to finish on my case. He followed up and always kept me in the loop through out the process. I will recommend his service without hesitation. "

Tuesday December 10, 2013

Ron managed my case file to a successful outcome, in exactly the way he outlined in our initial conversation His follow up and follow through is exemplary.Outcome was an unqualified success.No ticket to pay.No points added to my drivers license.I have ref... "

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I had to write you right away as I owe you a HUGE Thank You!!!! When I first got into my accident I called both x-coppers and Pointts to get advise and I'll be honest with you.... Pointts was both rude and very unhelpful! They went on and on about how ser... "

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Thursday October 31, 2013

I want to thank all your team and specially the agent for the professional representing me at Mississauga court on October 25, 2013.I hope I will never need any legal aid anymore, but in case it will happened I'll not hesitate using XCOPPER again.At the d... "

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Thursday October 17, 2013

First of all I would like to thank Charles Culbert and his firm for an outstanding job on representing me at the court. I am extremely gratified with the result and I now have a peace of mind after a year of waiting. I literally listened on your message... "

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Monday October 14, 2013

Ms Amanda and X-Copper team made the process of fighting speeding ticket very easy, they represented in Hamilton and managed the case without fine, no record of conviction on my driver's abstract and no demerit points. Ms Amanda and X-Copper team made the... "

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Wednesday September 25, 2013

Thank you so much. Excellent service and The representation of Mr.Saeed Hashemian at the court today was professional and exceed my expectation.Highly recommend. "

Friday July 26, 2013

Saeed, YOU ROCK, TOTALLY ROCK! I will recommend you to any of my friends who get tickets. I will bring every ticket I get while I work at Hill's to you. I am SO IMPRESSED with your magic!!!!!! Thank you and now I can take a VACATION. THANKS BIGTIME!!... "

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Wednesday July 17, 2013

I would like to thank you for all your efforts taken in my case and I will surely refer you to other people needing your services thanks again. "

This is my first experience using X copper, I found them to be very prompt professional and economical. I highly recommend this service to anyone in need of such service, I really appreciated the no pressure free first consultation where everything was ex... "

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Tuesday July 16, 2013

Meaghan and x-copper team made the entire process of fighting speeding ticket easy. While driving my daughter back to university in Sudbury I was assessed a speeding violation of 119 in a 90. This would have been points that I could not afford to lose. Th... "

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Monday July 15, 2013

Thank you soooo much. This is a huge relief.I will definitely recommend your services.Many thanks, "

Wednesday July 3, 2013

My son who recently received his full license age 19 unfortunately rear ended another car and was charged with careless driving. We were told by the police officer that we should ensure we hire someone who can represent him professionally as this was no... "

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Friday June 21, 2013

WOW…what good news on a Friday morning I thank you so much for this great service and assistance, your successful services will definitely be shared and referred to others. "

Tuesday June 18, 2013

I don’t know how you guys do it, but I am very satisfied and relieved at the result of the court case. I didn’t feel very guilty of the charge, in view of the circumstances (weather, etc.), but I sure have thought about red lights/stop signs a lot m... "

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Friday May 10, 2013

Andrea Thomas was very helpful and quick to answer any of the questions I had. I will definitely recommend her and X-Copper to any of my friends. "

Monday April 8, 2013

Thank you for professional help. We are pleased with the results. We will highly recommend your company to friends and family. It was a positive experience from day one. Your prompt return of calls or emails was appreciated. "

I had a great experience with x-copper. They were a great help in my case which I thought would be a little difficult to fight but we found a way through and justice prevailed. Thanks again for all the assistance I couldn't have asked for a better outcome... "

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Monday March 4, 2013

I thank you for your excellent work, I was charged with Failure to remain with 7 demerit points, through your excellent work, you have succeeded in reducing this charge to failure to Report with only 3 demerit points and a small fine of $180.00, this has... "

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Wednesday February 27, 2013

I just want to thank Meaghan Sutherland for getting the ticket I received as careless driving to change lane not in safety. This will have large difference on my driving career for insurance. I am so great full of you that you took the time and effort to ... "

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Tuesday February 26, 2013

I am glad I went through xcopper. It was my first incident so therefore I was visibly confused and lost.The people at xcopper were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The kept me informed and up to date on my case. Provided me with the good advice. ... "

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Thank you very much. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I will definitely recommend to other’s wherever possible. "

I am glad I went through xcopper. It was my first incident so therefore I was visibly confused and lost.The people at xcopper were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. The kept me informed and up to date on my case. Provided me with the good advice. ... "

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Tuesday February 19, 2013

I recently had X-Copper represent me in court for Careless Driving, Failing to report and Obstructing Traffic and i'm very pleased with their service. They went to court for me and had all 3 charges withdrawn. I cannot thank them enough (especially Charl... "

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Wednesday February 13, 2013

I want to thank Saeed Hashemian of X-Copper of Ottawa for his excellent and highly professional service in helping me with my speeding tickets. I highly recommend X-Copper to anyone needing legal representation for their traffic violations. "

They did such a wonderful job helping me fight this mistaken ticket. I would have been lost without them "

Great service provided for my speeding ticket case in a remote location. Got the best result expected. Very happy and highly recommended. "

Tuesday February 12, 2013

I want to thank Saeed Hashemian of X-Copper of Ottawa for his excellent and highly professional service in helping me with my speeding tickets. I highly recommend X-Copper to anyone needing legal representation for their traffic violations. "

Monday February 11, 2013

Ronald helped me fight off a speeding ticket with great service and promptly response, I was constantly notice with regards of my case so that I don't have to be worry about the case not being followed. I don't have to pay the fine, no demerit points and... "

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Wednesday February 6, 2013

X-Copper is amazing, the staff is professional, process is simple and they were able to get me off all charges on my ticket. I have used other ticket fighters in the past, they only can waive my demerit points, but X-Copper was able to get my fine waived... "

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Tuesday December 18, 2012

I would like to thank Stephanie helms from for her great work with my careless driving case. I got my charged dropped to a minor offense and a fine of $110. thank you X-Copper for the great work! I will be telling everyone about your great service.” "

Thursday December 13, 2012

Hi Stephanie, i would just like to say thank you, to you and x-copper legal services for all that you have done for me. I am very grateful for all your hard work and the amazing results. It was very refreshing to be delt with in such a friendly and profes... "

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Tuesday December 11, 2012

Thank you Saeed for helping me getting rid of the speeding ticket my job was on the line I'm happy it is resolved. "

Friday December 7, 2012

Thank you Saeed for helping me getting rid of the speeding ticket my job was on the line I'm happy it is resolved. I wish you continued success. "

Wednesday November 14, 2012

I dealt with Charles Culbert regarding a traffic offence and he was able to have the charges completely dropped. Charles was a real professional in his communications to me and was always quick to respond. I am extremely grateful for the result he achie... "

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Thursday November 1, 2012

X Copper got me off today and you are right it feels great! Thanks for the suggestion! Couldn't be happier with how effectively X-Copper cleared my case! Worth every cent! Cheers. "

X Copper got me off today and you are right it feels great! Thanks for the suggestion! Couldn't be happier with how effectively X-Copper cleared my case! Worth every cent! Cheers. "

Monday October 29, 2012

The service that I received was very professional, they explained all of the options available to me and they constantly made me feel that I should never give up fighting my charge. I will be highly recommending X-Copper in the future. "

Sunday October 21, 2012

I got a speeding ticket in New York State. I found out about X-Copper through a friend and called their Markham Office. I spoke to Andrea Thomas, the Licensed Paralegal at Markham location, who was extremely friendly, forthcoming and helpful. I was pro... "

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Thursday October 11, 2012

Thanks Andrea for the great news. Your professionalism and timeliness in this matter was amazing. Thank you for thoroughly explaining your services and giving me peace of mind that I was in good hands. You put me such at ease that I didn't think about i... "

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Tuesday October 9, 2012

I would just like to state again how elated I was with the results of hiring your office ( X-Copper Legal Services) to represent me in court for my speeding violation. As a result of my own negligence I had accumulated my second speeding infraction in les... "

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Wednesday October 3, 2012

I got charged with stunt driving this past year and x-coppers did an amazing job helping me fight this. They handled everything in a very professional manner. Ron Lynn was my paralegal and he put my fears to rest during this very stressful situation. I wo... "

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Tuesday October 2, 2012

Arezou Lidston here to thank you so very much for having all charges dropped fine points and all. From the moment I walked into your office the reassurance you provided and the confidence in which you displayed put me at ease. I feel as though I am on clo... "

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Tuesday September 18, 2012

I would like to thank you and commend you and your team at X-Copper on the amazing job you have done for me. The charges were dropped and its more than I could have hoped for. The agent was extremely professional and informative, please thank him. I ... "

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Saturday August 18, 2012

Hello, This latter is to appreciate all the efforts and excellent support during all of process. X-Coppers, represented by Sandy Brohman in case of my trial, totally met my expectations and more. I would definitely recommend your company to my family and... "

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Friday August 10, 2012

I just wanted to pass along my sincere thanks and gratitude for X-Copper's assistance in this matter of getting my license reinstated. I felt very stupid not realizing that I had to pay the speeding ticket right away and was literally shocked when Maria d... "

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Friday July 27, 2012

I would like to send a big thank you to your office on representing me in court on my speeding ticket. I appreciate your help! and I am pleased with the result! Thanks again "

Monday July 23, 2012

I just wanted to thank you for the professionalism and the support we received during our entire ordeal. Thank you for having my sons over 80 charge dismissed and giving him his future back. X-copper, by far, surpassed our expectations. Thanks Again!!!... "

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Monday June 25, 2012

I am a commercial vehicle operator. The tractor trailer I was driving rolled over and received a careless driving ticket. Initially I handed over the matter to another legal service firm (don't want to mention the name) when that representative contacted ... "

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Wednesday June 20, 2012

Thanks very much for a pain free experience with X-COPPER, both of my charges were dismissed and you have helped me to maintain my clean "for 30 years" driving record, and avoid any increase in my insurance rates, well worth the cost of your services.
... "

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Tuesday June 19, 2012

Thank you for your help & support. After half a century behind the wheel, without accident, this experience was astonishing & I'm happy to have it resolved.

I wish you continued success & hope all your clients are as grateful for your assistance ... "

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Monday June 18, 2012

I would like to send a big thank you to your office on representing me in court on my speeding ticket.

I appreciate your help! and I am pleased with the result! "

Monday May 28, 2012

I would like to thank your team for taking care of my matter with the utmost professionalism. I will refer you to everyone I know going through a similar situation. A wonderful service. "

Tuesday May 22, 2012

Very easy and professional, many thanks for the help with my ticket! "

Tuesday April 3, 2012

I would like to thank you and your team for the excellent representation that you gave me in regards to my case. The final results from the hearing were more than satisfactory and the representation was very professional. I highly recommend X-Copper Le... "

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Friday March 23, 2012

I am writing to you today to provide feedback and comments on my recent experience with X-Copper Legal Services.

I received my very first traffic ticket for failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign in my neighborhood. I had been drivi... "

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Thursday February 9, 2012

Thank you so much for helping with this matter!! I really wasn't expecting such good news!!
Thanks again for an excellent job done!! I will be sure to recommend your services!! "

Wednesday February 8, 2012

I would like to begin by commending the efforts of one Charles Culbert who works out the Markham office location. Thank you to Mr. Culbert, sales manager Ronald Lynn and the staff at X-Copper in Markham for the professional and courteous manner in which t... "

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Wednesday September 28, 2011

I recently employed your services and I was extremely happy not only with the outcome but your professional approach to my needs. I would highly recommend you to any of my friends (hopefully not too often!). "

Tuesday September 20, 2011

This is a previous client of yours, Rebecca. I just wanted to send an email in regards to your services in my case. I would like to thank you for helping me out, and am very grateful. I will recommend your services to any a friend in need of such help. Th... "

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In July 2010, our daughter got herself mixed up with another girl and was mistakenly charged with the other's driving offences, Failure to Remain and Failure to Report an Accident. Sarah was nowhere near the scene of the accident and any charges of this ... "

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Wednesday September 14, 2011

Thanks so much X-Copper. Your efforts on my behalf are appreciated. I would like to commend your company on your timeliness of response and professionalism. Subsequently I would not hesitate to recommend you to others. Again, thank you. "

Thursday August 11, 2011

Ron at X-Copper, Thank you for the great news and help me to fight for my case. I would highly recommend X-Copper to anyone who needs it! "

Wednesday July 27, 2011

I would like to thank you and your colleagues who worked so diligently and professionally to defend my case on July 21st. When I approached your firm back in September 2010 to present my case, I was treated with utmost professionalism and courtesy. I felt... "

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Thursday April 21, 2011

Thank you X-Copper! Indeed this is the result I had hoped for and thank you for your handling of this case for me. It was well worth the money. I am pleased that I chose your firm to handle this and would readily recommend you to others. I hope there is n... "

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Friday March 18, 2011

Thank you so much for the great news and your efforts, it is definitely appreciated and I will speak of your firm with only good words. "

Friday February 18, 2011

Once again, I would like to thank you for helping me fight my case. Although we did not achieve a completely dropped charge, I still feel positive about the outcome. Your presence encouraged me to fight the case, and I will hopefully not have any more acc... "

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Friday February 11, 2011

How do I thank you? You guys do great work and have preserved my son's record. You know your business, and I feel that my decision to use your services is one I will never regret. My son is no angel but has received a scholarship for academics and athleti... "

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Thursday November 25, 2010

I had the pleasure of working with Richard and the rest of his Ottawa team and I must say my issue was dealt with both professionally and very quickly. I would highly recommend X-Copper Ottawa to anyone who feels they have an issue that needs to be taken ... "

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I would like to extend my thanks to the X-Copper office in Markham for their kindness & professionalism in dealing with my case, which was dismissed. It is nice to see a firm that stands behind their clients and they truly listened and believed me as ... "

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I hired X-Copper to represent me on three infractions in NY State that would have cost me over $1000.00 in fines plus a number of demerit points. The demerit points would have caused my G2 license in Ontario to be suspended and probably made me uninsurabl... "

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I don't know where to begin to thank you and your staff. I literally owe you my new career. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and I will never forget what X-Copper has done for me. I would also like to state that I will most definitely encourage everyone I ... "

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Friday September 3, 2010

I contacted X-Copper regarding a speeding ticket. I was unsettled because of the circumstances, and a little nervous about the process. I was connected with Stephanie in the Markham office. She was patient with my questions and provided me with a comfort ... "

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Sunday June 27, 2010

Happy to let you know that not only was I dealt with directly on a quick and courteous manner, but also my case has been dealt with effectively. I’m pleased with the results provided by X-Copper at the Barrie office. Thanks for your great service! "

Sunday May 2, 2010

Over the last few years I have had a string of bad luck. I got ticketed for speeding and ticketed twice for careless driving. After X-COPPER won my speeding ticket, I thought they deserved my business for the first careless driving offence which they got ... "

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Wednesday March 3, 2010

My wife was recently visiting in New York state and received a speeding ticket. The fine would have been approximately $400 and 4 demerit points. Needless to say, this would have had a devastating effect on our insurance rates. We looked into several... "

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Monday December 1, 2008

I am writing to thank you for your hard work and efforts to assist in clearing my record. The members of your firm provide confidence in their attitude and gestures. Their professionalism shows in the courtroom. On both occasions - speeding 99 in a 50 zon... "

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I'd like to take this opportunity to once again express my appreciation for a job well done. With a clean record for nine years, I was hit last year with an 'ambush style' 401 speeding ticket just outside of Cornwall. They were pulling over absolutely eve... "

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I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for a job well done!! Thank you for representing me in a situation that was very stressful to say the least. I was involved in an accident and charged with careless driving. Knowing that I could hav... "

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I want to sincerely thank you and X-COPPER Legal Services for assisting me with my impaired driving charge. I was able to keep my job as a result of their expertise. "

After receiving a phone call from the police informing me that my son had been charged with possession, I did not know where to turn. We had used X-COPPER in the past for traffic tickets with great success so it was natural to contact you for guidance. Th... "

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I'm sending you this to show my appreciation for what Jason did for me in traffic court. I was impressed by his professionalism and the way he was able to disarm the prosecution and have my careless driving charge dismissed. Many thanks to you and Jason a... "

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Wednesday December 31, 1969


X-Copper Reviews and Testimonials

Monday June 29, 2015
Kaitlin exceeded my expectations in every regard.She was friendly, professional, articulate, knowledgeable and dealt with my time sensitive matter in a timely manner. Congratulations to you, Kaitlin and your Firm on the successful outcome! "
Bruce - Ottawa , Ontario
Ottawa Branch
Monday June 29, 2015
Xcopper was very professional and helpful, they were able to get everything dropped. I still cant believe it and i would recommend xcopper to anyone! "
Shawn - London , Ontario
London Branch