Police Crack Down during Ontario’s Thanksgiving Weekend

In light of a recent report, Ontario police are cracking down on dangerous driving during the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. This is the first Thanksgiving since the Ontario government passed stiffer penalties for distracted driving, which include up to $1,000 in fines and three demerit points.

The report describes the main causes of traffic-related casualties between 2011 and 2015, and states that the great majority of the 1,507 deaths on the road Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Distracted Driving Penalty Changes – P2

What You Need to Know About Distracted Driving Penalty Changes - P2

If you read Part 1 of our blog series about changing traffic laws in Ontario, you’re probably wondering how significant these changes are going to be! This post will cover all the main alterations in Ontario’s driving laws, which include steeper fines and more demerit points for committing driving offenes, and new additions to the law regarding pedestrians and cyclists. The changes listed below are going to be implemented over the next few months, so you may as well keep them in mind starting now!

For Distracted Driving: Continue reading

New Distracted Driving Legislation in Ontario Part 1

City Hall of Toronto at Nathan Phillips square, Ontario, Canada

New Driving Laws in Ontario

Driving laws are changing in Ontario! X-Copper will be covering the topic of recent changes to Ontario Driving Legislation over a four-part blog series. We will take a look at what rules are changing, what fines are increasing, and why these changes are being implemented. We will also provide some useful tips for being safer on the road so you can work on avoiding these fines to begin with. Continue reading

Text Your Ticket Now to X-Copper

Text Your Ticket Now to X-Copper

Do you hate getting a speeding or traffic ticket only to find yourself faced with the question; do I fight this or just pay the fine? Did you know that X-Copper has now made that question easier to answer?

Drivers can now simply text a picture of their traffic ticket to X-Copper.  Imagine… you just finished getting pulled over by a police officer and you are worried about how a speeding charge for example will affect your driving record and insurance rate.  Use your mobile phone to take a picture of your ticket and send it as a free text message to the legal experts at X-Copper.

Texting your ticket to X-Copper’s team of professionals is a quick and simple way to find out more about your traffic charge.  Once X-Copper has received your text, they will respond in a timely manner with a free assessment of what your options are.  It is then up to you the driver if you want to hire X-Copper to fight your traffic charge(s). The consultation is Free!

To learn how to text your ticket to X-Copper staff read more here www.xcopper.com/TextYourTicket


Try it Now – Text Your Ticket to X-Copper Today @ 416-XCOPPER (that’s 416-926-7737)!

Don’t text while driving! Use your phone when it is safe and legal to do so. Standard carrier texting rates may apply. Check your mobile plan.

New Ottawa Location – X-Copper Takes it to Bank

X-Copper Ottawa Office has relocated to Bank Street

X-Copper Ottawa

We are proud to announce the relocation of our Ottawa office from Catherin St. to our new location at 1901 Bank Street. The new office is just south of Walkley Rd on Bank St. It has Lots of free parking, transit accessible and overall a much more convenient location. Continue reading

X-Copper’s Survival Guide for Long Weekend Driving

weekend driving

Ah, long weekends. Family, friends, and an extra day off work…it all seems so nice. Until you remember that you first have to get there; to the same general area that everyone else is going and at the same time that everyone else wants to get there. It’s the perfect storm for congestion, frustration, traffic stops, and tickets. To help you get the most out of your long weekend we have compiled not one but two lists for surviving the long weekend drive! The first list is 3 quick tips to help you get there and the second one is more of a how-to if you’re pulled over by police. Hopefully, this will help you get to where you need to go as quickly and safely as possible.

To begin, here are:
Continue reading

X-Copper Opens Peterborough Office

New Peterborough Office

We at X-Copper are excited about our new new office in Peterborough Ontario. Located on George St South just north of Lansdowne. We have lots of free parking in front of the office and Local Transit drops you off at our door step.

Come visit us with any traffic tickets, speeding tickets, criminal charges and Commercial Motor Vehicle violations. We offer a FREE no obligation consultation with our expert staff!

We are located at

405 George Street South
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 3E1

Visit our locations page for hours of operations.

Bike Month – Stay Safe On The Road

Bike Month: May 27- June 30, 2013

1180083_bicycle_parking_2With gas prices going through the roof, local transit getting crowded and more expensive, more and more people are turning to bicycles to get them to work and simply around the city! It’s healthier for the environment, for your pocket book and even for your health! Also, anyone who has driven downtown has seen the bicycle enthusiasts moving faster than the cars stuck in traffic!

But with more and more bikes filling our streets and no formal training required to partake in this expanding mode of transportation, bicyclists and drivers alike are in danger of getting into trouble!

Bicyclists ride on the road, yet often times they are not aware of the rules of the road which apply to them as well as cars. Yes, the Highway Traffic Act does apply to cyclists. They are often seen mixing car rules with pedestrian rules and sometimes make rules of their own.  Running Stop Signs and Red Lights, or becoming a “pedestrian” by making a left turn onto the pedestrian crossing to cross the street.

Similarly, some drivers are not aware of the rules of the road for bicyclists, and have to juggle every combination of maneuvers bicyclists will try to do.  Will they stop at the Red light? or will they cross in front to get to the other side?

Bicyclists, along with motorists, can be charged with a number of offences when they break the rules of the road. Below are just some of the charges a bicyclist can receive.

Offence HTA Section Set Fine$
Improper bicycle lighting 62 (17) 20.00
Improper brakes on a bicycle 64 (3) 85.00
No bell, gong, or horn on a bicycle 75 (5) 85.00
Permit person under 16 years of age, riding without a helmet 104 (2.2) 60.00
Riding in a intersection crosswalk, or pedestrianCrossovers (mid block marked with “X”) 140 (6)144 (29) 85.00
Cyclist Failure to signal 142 (4) 85.00
Pass streetcar improperly 166 (1) 85.00
Pass streetcar on left side 166 (2) 85.00
Ride 2 on a bicycle 178 (2) 85.00
Person – attach to vehicle 178 (4) 35.00
Cyclist   – fail to stop/ Cyclist – fail to identify self 218 (2) 85.00

These fines are applicable to all vehicles. This includes both cyclists and motor vehicles

Operate unsafe vehicle 84 No SetFine
Careless driving 130 400.00 –2,000.00
Disobey an officer directing Traffic 134 (1) 85.00
Drive on a closed road 134 (3) 85.00
Disobey Stop Sign – Fail to   Stop 136 (1)(a) 85.00
Fail to yield to traffic which has the   right of way at anintersection or from a driveway 136(1)(b)139(1) 85.00
Fail to yield at a yield sign 138 (1) 85.00
Unsafe turn movement or lane change 142 (1) 85.00
Red light – Fail to   stop 144(18) 260.00

A ticket issued to you on a bicycle will not affect your driving record, but breaking the law can have detrimental affects and pocket book!

Parking Tickets Can Now Be Canceled In Toronto

Toronto Courts have now granted the staff at ticket counters (first appearance facilities) the ability to cancel parking tickets before they Clough up the courts system. These new guidelines affect Parking Ticket ONLY. The City staff will take steps in determining whether a parking ticket may be canceled under the new guidelines. This may include:

  • examining the license plate history to identify past infractions, whether there are prior cancellations and the reasons for cancellations;

  • requesting an investigation by Transportation Services, the Toronto Parking Authority or the Toronto Police Service Parking Enforcement Unit to verify whether signage may have been missing or covered, whether meters or pay and display machines were operational at the time of the infraction and/or that work was being carried out on the roadway, preventing legal parking;

  • reviewing various bylaw exemptions and permit parking zones to confirm that the permit was used in the correct zone;

  • confirming temporary police considerations which would permit parking due to police investigations, construction zones (ie: heavy crane lifts) or other street closures directed by police;

  • accessing the Ministry of Transportation license plate/vehicle registration data to verify whether disabled parking permits are valid.

    Complete guidelines can be found at http://www.toronto.ca/pay-toronto-tickets/pdf/cancellation_guidelines.pdf