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6 Ways to Defuse Road Rage

Driving Tips
jason-baxtorJason Baxter

No one likes to be cut off on the road by another driver. It can be dangerous and frightening. But it shouldn’t be a trigger for a road rage incident. 

Road rage is generally defined as uncontrolled anger that’s due to interactions with other motorists, driving in difficult conditions, like a traffic jam, or other frustration that can arise on the road. It can range from hand gestures and in-car yelling, to drivers using their cars as weapons, and even leaving their cars to physically confront another driver.

Other examples include: 

  • Tailgating
  • Yelling at other drivers 
  • Incessant honking of the car horn 
  • Blocking the path of another vehicle 
  • Purposely cutting off another vehicle

Those examples may also be considered an offence under the Highway Traffic Act of the Criminal Code depending on the circumstances.

So you don’t want to get involved in a road rage incident. Ever.


How to Avoid Road Rage

Whether you’re the aggressor, or on the receiving end, here’s how to avoid road rage.

If You’ve Suffered Bouts of Road Rage

  1. Prepare Yourself Beforehand – If you know that dealing with traffic triggers your anger, start trying to control it even before you get in the car. 
  2. Give Yourself Time – One of the reasons that we get frustrated on the road is because we’re late for something. Try to give yourself more time, check traffic conditions before you leave, and always be ready for slowdowns regardless of how good everything looks. 
  3. Treat Others Like You Would Like Them to Treat You – Let’s say you make a lane change and realize you didn’t see a car in your blind spot. Would you like the person you cut off to get angry? Start tailgating you? Honking the horn? Or what if they forced your car to stop and got out of their vehicle? 
  4. Don’t Let Your Horn Do Your Dirty Work – Your horn is there so you can make other drivers aware of your vehicle. Not to tell someone how angry you are or that they should get out of your way. 

If You’re the Victim of Road Rage

  1. Don’t Take Up the Fight – If someone cuts you off, gestures, yells or otherwise show signs of road rage, let it go. Slow down, change your route and do whatever you can to get out of the situation. 
  2. Take Note and Report Incidents – If you can, get license plate information and details about road rage incidents and report them to police.

If you’ve been charged with dangerous driving following a road rage incident, you need an experienced team of former police officers, lawyers and legal professionals who know how to minimize the consequences. A team like the one we have here at X-Copper.


To learn more about dangerous driving charges, check out our post “What is the Penalty for Dangerous Driving?”. 


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