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Traffic Tickets

Make X-Copper your partner in compliance.

The Commercial Vehicle Operator's Registration (CVOR) system and the Carrier Safety Rating (CSR) program are part of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation’s ongoing commitment to keeping our roads safe. These programs promote the safe operation of trucks and buses on Ontario's road ways.

The system monitors your on-road performance and the Ministry may review your ‘private’ business records in order to assign your safety rating. As a commercial vehicle operator, carrier or driver, you need to be aware that portions of your carrier safety rating and CVOR records are made available to your insurance company, financial institution, employers and even your competition. It is crucial that you properly manage your carrier safety rating and CVOR records. X-Copper can help.

X-Copper is committed to assisting commercial motor vehicle operators, carriers and drivers with all CVOR and commercial motor vehicle issues. Our dedicated team of professionals including licenced paralegals, former Ministry of Transportation Officers (MTO) and former police officers can provide a host of services to you and your company including:

  • Court representation;
  • MTO mock audit preparation and facility audit representation;
  • Training in trip inspections and log books;
  • Training in handling dangerous goods;
  • Traffic ticket defence;
  • Education and compliance programs;
  • Background Checks and Investigations and More!

Why Choose X-Copper for your CVOR needs?

In addition to representing clients charged with traffic offences, impaired driving, dangerous driving, and criminal matters, we are a full-service compliance management company, assisting commercial motor carriers throughout North America. Our association with respected legal advisors in Canada and the United States provides our clients with additional access to high quality advice no matter what the legal issue.

X-Copper – the safety and compliance partner you can afford.

Protect your C.V.O.R. and carrier safety rating. Call now for your free consultation 1-888-XCOPPER (1-888-926-7737).

X-Copper Reviews and Testimonials

Wednesday June 10, 2015
The process of going through the courts was long but X-Copper was always confident about my case. My representative in court knew the system and always kept me informed. When it was my turn to testify, my representative was able to advise me of proper decorum. He made it easier for me. As a result, I got the ruling I wanted. "
Jerry - Oshawa , Ontario
Oshawa Branch
Thursday May 7, 2015
I was extremely pleased with my results. Meaghan from X-Copper was professional and always kept me in the loop when she had any new information about my case. I'm so happy I listened to a friend. Definitely made the right choice by letting X-Copper take control. They got my charges dropped. It's like it never happened. Highly recommend their services. "
Mike - Oshawa , Ontario
Oshawa Branch