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CVOR Tickets

CVOR (Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration) is the registration system for commercial trucks and bus operators in Ontario. It exists to help promote road safety for all road users. Just one CVOR ticket can increase your violation rates, and your business risks. That’s why you need a qualified commercial vehicle offence lawyer on your side.


Tickets issued under the CVOR system can affect truck drivers and the companies they work for, even when they are one and the same.

Consequences of CVOR Tickets

Based on the number of convictions, commercial drivers can face higher insurance rates and more difficulty in finding driving jobs. Truck owners and transportation companies can be given a lower Safety Rating, which can, in turn, affect their Ministry of Transportation Licensing fees and insurance rates.


Under the provisions of the CVOR system, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) assigns safety ratings to carriers based on a number of factors, including:

  • Collisions
  • Inspections results
  • Convictions
  • Facility audit results

When CVOR Tickets May Be Issued

CVOR violation tickets may be issued if there is an accident involving a commercial vehicle; a driver has been issued speeding tickets or other traffic tickets while driving a commercial vehicle; a failed inspection of a commercial vehicle, a conviction of a criminal charge relating to or operating a commercial vehicle or facility, and/or the results of a commercial vehicle facility inspection and/or audit.


CVOR violations can be varied and carry a range of penalties. Generally speaking, CVOR tickets are assigned points that are added to your driving record, in a similar way as demerit points are assigned for many non-commercial traffic violations. As points are accumulated, you can suffer progressively increasing penalties.

  • Warning letters are issued to highlight that point accumulations may result in further intervention by the MTO
  • Early interventions can include facility audits; logbook examinations; driver qualifications; vehicle maintenance records; trip inspections; reported accidents and more
  • Failed facility audits can result in a conditional safety rating and numerous charges
  • Further safety issues may mean you must attend a show-cause hearing with the MTO to avoid MTO sanctions, which can range from fleet limitations and plate seizure to suspension, or cancellation of your operating privileges


CVOR tickets can affect your ability to work as a professional driver, run your business or even remain in the commercial trucking industry.

The first step to minimizing the chances of any of those things happening is to hire a team of legal professionals experienced in winning CVOR cases. X-Copper’s team of legal specialists, including truck driver ticket lawyers, former MTO and police officers, and paralegals can help defend you against truck driver tickets. They can also help you prepare for and minimize the impact of any consequences you may face, including audits, examinations and inspections.

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