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A stunt driving charge, commonly referred to as “racing,” is most often issued when the driver of the motor vehicle has been caught exceeding the speed limit by 50 km or more


You do not necessarily have to be racing another vehicle in order to be charged with stunt driving.

You can also be charged with this offence for performing a ‘stunt’ while driving, such as “squealing” your tires or trying to make an extremely dangerous maneuver. In order to make the roads in Ontario as safe as possible, the penalties for stunt driving have been made comparatively severe.

Once a police officer issues you a stunt driving ticket, you will immediately be issued a 30 day roadside licence suspension and your vehicle will be impounded for 14 days, at your own expense.


Upon conviction, penalties are:

  • 1st offence – minimum suspension of driver’s licence of 1 – 3 years
  • 2nd offence – minimum suspension of driver’s licence of 3 – 10 years
  • 3rd offence – lifetime suspension that may be reduced at a later date to be established by regulation
  • 4th offence – lifetime suspension

Often, even one conviction for stunt driving will result in increased insurance rates of thousands of dollars per year. Some insurance companies will not even insure you once you have been convicted of Stunt driving.


X-Copper’s team of professionals will always strive to eliminate your stunt driving charges entirely. If we are unsuccessful in eliminating the charges, we will negotiate with the prosecutors to protect against demerit points, protect your licence from being suspended, negotiate the lowest possible fine and keep you out of jail (if applicable).

The Highway Traffic Act of Ontario lists stunt driving as an offence. They give an extensive list of the types of driving that are considered stunt driving, here is a short overview of the most common cases:

  • Driving that indicates the driver is engaged in a competition
  • Driving to block or prevent another vehicle from passing
  • Chasing another vehicle on the road
  • Driving without care or consideration for other drivers using the roadway
  • Spinning a vehicle in a circle with no control (aka a “donut”)

If you’ve been charged with stunt driving, we highly recommend seeking legal advice to help guide you through the process. At X-Copper, we have the knowledge and expertise to fight for the best possible solution for you. Get Canada’s winning legal team on your side, fill out the form to get a free quote today.

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