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Send the picture of your ticket to 416-926-7737. If you wish to include any other information, such as what happened, just send another text.

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If you are charged with theft under $5,000 or fraud under $5,000 you should feel at ease in retaining the services of a professional to assist you.

If you are charged with theft under $5,000 or fraud under $5,000, you should retain the services of a professional to assist you.


If found guilty, you may qualify for a program in Ontario known as diversion. X-Copper can assist and guide you through the diversion process (if you qualify).

Persons who have no previous criminal record, are charged with shoplifting-related offences and have taken items of small value, may be permitted to attend a program in exchange for a withdrawal of the charge(s) or a stay of the criminal charge(s).


X-Copper employs criminal defence lawyers, paralegals and former police officers. Our team of experienced legal professionals has successfully represented thousands of clients charged for a wide range of criminal offences.

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