How To Choose The Right Theft Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with theft, regardless of whether it’s under or over $5,000, you should retain a theft defense attorney as soon as possible. As a criminal offence, if you’re found guilty of theft charges, the consequences can last a lifetime starting with jail time and, if you get a criminal record, potentially affecting your ability to find future employment and/or travel outside the country.   

3 Steps to Choosing the Right Theft Defense Attorney

Most people don’t know what to do or where to turn for help when faced with criminal charges. You have the right to get an attorney’s advice from the moment you are arrested. Here are some tips for finding the right criminal defense lawyer.

  1. Talk to a Lawyer You Know – If you have any friends or family members who are lawyers, your best first step may be to contact them, even if they are not criminal defense attorneys. They may have contacts they can recommend. Even if they have no suggestions for a lawyer or law firm, they may be able to help you choose from a short list.

  2. Look for a Specialized Theft Crime Lawyer(s) – Like anything else, the more specialized lawyers are in an area of practice, the more likely they are to be better at it. While there are many commonalities in law between different types of crime, there are also many important differences. Different circumstances and types of theft crime may need different defense strategies to be successfully defended. Choosing an experienced theft defense lawyer increases your chances of finding one who knows best how to defend you considering your particular circumstances and charges against you.

  3. Find Out What Else the Lawyer/Law Firm Offers – Of course, finding good legal representation is most important. But does the lawyer or law firm employ police officers who can offer insight into the nature of your charges that can help you have those charges dismissed? Or do they have an entire legal team with a history of successfully defending people in theft cases like yours?

Looking for the right theft defense attorney can be hard. Get our winning team on your side and let us fight for the best possible outcome for you.
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