How a Medical Condition Can Impact Your Driver’s License

safe your licenseWhat is a Medical Driver License Suspension?

In Ontario, doctors are required by law to report anyone over 16 who they believe is not able to drive safely due to a medical condition. They file their report with the Ministry of Transportation, which may then request more information, or may suspend the license without need for further evidence. Some of the more common conditions that lead to a medical suspension include alcohol/drug abuse, epilepsy, diabetes, and major vision problems, among others. The timeline and necessary steps for getting a license reinstated depends on the severity and nature of the condition, and will require proof that the driver has taken these steps and can now drive safely.

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QandA – Suspended License Q1

“How many demerit points can I accumulate on my driver’s licence before it is suspended?”

QandADemerit points remain on your record for 2 years. If you have a G class driver’s licence you may be forced to attend an interview with the MTO if you accumulate 9 demerit points. At 15 demerit points your licence will be suspended for a minimum of 30 days and you may be required to complete a driver re-examination. G1 or G2 class (novice) drivers face an MTO interview if they accumulate 6 demerit points. A G1 or G2 licence will be suspended for a minimum of 60 days if 9 demerit points are accumulated. Fight your traffic tickets to avoid demerit points.