Text Your Ticket Now to X-Copper

Text Your Ticket Now to X-Copper

Do you hate getting a speeding or traffic ticket only to find yourself faced with the question; do I fight this or just pay the fine? Did you know that X-Copper has now made that question easier to answer?

Drivers can now simply text a picture of their traffic ticket to X-Copper.  Imagine… you just finished getting pulled over by a police officer and you are worried about how a speeding charge for example will affect your driving record and insurance rate.  Use your mobile phone to take a picture of your ticket and send it as a free text message to the legal experts at X-Copper.

Texting your ticket to X-Copper’s team of professionals is a quick and simple way to find out more about your traffic charge.  Once X-Copper has received your text, they will respond in a timely manner with a free assessment of what your options are.  It is then up to you the driver if you want to hire X-Copper to fight your traffic charge(s). The consultation is Free!

To learn how to text your ticket to X-Copper staff read more here www.xcopper.com/TextYourTicket


Try it Now – Text Your Ticket to X-Copper Today @ 416-XCOPPER (that’s 416-926-7737)!

Don’t text while driving! Use your phone when it is safe and legal to do so. Standard carrier texting rates may apply. Check your mobile plan.

They’ve Got Their Eyes on You: Distracted Driving Blitz


Toronto and York Region drivers better be on their best behaviour for the next six weeks as both municipal police services are kicking off a distracted driving blitz. Starting in the morning on Tuesday July 29th, they will be on the lookout for drivers talking on cell phones, texting, etc. If you have a phone in your hand, you are breaking the law and blitzes such as this one are designed to remind people of that. We’ve previously mentioned in earlier posts, both of the most recent statistics on distracted driving as well as the fine increase that saw the fines rocket from $125 to $280 that took place earlier in the year indicate that distracted driving is and will continue to be a high priority for police.

Breaking Bad Habits
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