X-Copper’s Survival Guide for Long Weekend Driving

weekend driving

Ah, long weekends. Family, friends, and an extra day off work…it all seems so nice. Until you remember that you first have to get there; to the same general area that everyone else is going and at the same time that everyone else wants to get there. It’s the perfect storm for congestion, frustration, traffic stops, and tickets. To help you get the most out of your long weekend we have compiled not one but two lists for surviving the long weekend drive! The first list is 3 quick tips to help you get there and the second one is more of a how-to if you’re pulled over by police. Hopefully, this will help you get to where you need to go as quickly and safely as possible.

To begin, here are:
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QandA – US Tickets

“I received a traffic ticket in the U.S.A. but I have a drivers licence in Ontario. Do I have to pay the ticket?”

QandA - US TicketsAll tickets in the U.S.A. must be paid or a warrant for your arrest could be issued that is enforceable within the state that the ticket was received. Further, there is a reciprocal agreement between the States of New York and Michigan and the Province of Ontario. This means that any tickets received in those States that are paid, will affect your driving record and insurance in Ontario. X-Copper can fight tickets in New York and Michigan.

If you have received a ticket and want a run down of what you are facing and if its worth fighting please call 1-888-X-Copper and ask for the US division or fill out this form for a free quote.

**NOTE** Posting in the comment section below may not yield an immediate response. Please contact our USA Division by calling 1-888-XCopper.

QandA – Traffic Tickets

“I received a traffic ticket and I want to fight it. What should I do?”

When you file the ticket with the court, ask for a trial (option 3) as opposed to “first attendance” with the prosecutor (option 2). You should always request a trial date. There is no chance that the ticket will be withdrawn at a “first attendance”. Opportunities for the charge to be withdrawn may however become available to you on a trial date.

QandA – Demerit Points

“How many demerit points can I get for speeding?”

QandAIt depends on how fast you were allegedly travelling at.

0-15 km/h over the limit = 0 demerit points. 16 – 29 km/h over the limit = 3 demerit points. 30 – 49 km/h over the limit = 4 demerit points. + 50 km/h or more over the speed limit = Stunt driving and 6 demerit points.

Call X-Copper for a free consultation if you have been accused of speeding.

QandA – Insurance Rates

“If I am convicted of a traffic ticket, will my automobile insurance rates increase?”

QandAA conviction can result in the increase of your automobile insurance rates. Insurance companies determine your rates based on a number of factors. One of those factors is the quantity and the severity of any convictions on your driving record. In order to preserve a good driving record and thus cheaper insurance, you should fight ALL of your traffic tickets. Call us for a free consultation.