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The CVOR system is the monitoring mechanism used by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to track the safety performance of commercial vehicle operators. This point system is cumulative and can have a snowball effect, which could cause you serious problems, ranging from warning letters, to audits, to sanctions, and even the cancellation of your operating privileges.

CVOR-related infractions, accidents and incidents where your vehicle is detained for mechanical defects, generate points on your record. When enough points have accumulated, a warning letter is issued, indicating that should the accumulation of points continue, further intervention by MTO will result. MTO officials can then conduct a facility audit, whereby an auditor will attend your premises to examine records pertaining to log books, driver qualifications, vehicle maintenance, trip inspections, accidents and more.

If you do not pass the facility audit, you will be assigned a conditional safety rating, and could face numerous charges. If further safety-related issues occur, you may be required to attend a show cause hearing with the MTO, where you will have to convince Ministry officials that you and/or your company are capable of operating safely in order to avoid MTO imposed sanctions. Sanctions can range from fleet limitations, plate seizure, to suspension or cancellation of your operating privileges.

If you are having CVOR issues or are interested in improving your carrier safety rating, X-Copper can help. We have assisted hundreds of commercial motor vehicle operators, carriers and drivers with just about every conceivable CVOR-related matter with the Ministry of Transportation.

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