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X-Copper provides professional, effective and affordable representation in Hamilton, Burlington, and the surrounding areas to residents and businesses charged under the highway traffic actcriminal code, or any commercial vehicle offences. X-Copper can assist you with traffic ticketsspeeding tickets, collisions, impaired driving charges (DUI) or any other criminal offences.

X-Copper is owned and operated by Lawyers and former police officers ensuring that all our clients receive a positive outcome to their legal issues. X-Copper is fully authorized by The Law Society of Ontario to practice law and abides by their rules and regulations.

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I’d also like to give the biggest thanks i possibly can to you and my representative for court, and all of X-copper in its entirety. You guys saved my independence, my family’s independence, and have covered me when I thought that I was cooked for the next 5 years. On behalf of myself and my entire family, we’d like to thank you for your services, and also wish all of you at X-copper a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Thanks so much Brandy!


Thank you so much David for all your efforts with my case. I’m so pleased with everything and I so appreciate everything you did for me . You’re a credit to your profession and I count myself fortunate to have had you working on my behalf. I will certainly recommend you highly to anyone I know who may be in need of your services. Take care and best wishes to you and everyone at XCopper !


On August 1st, 2015 I had a minor accident in a residential area with my tractor trailer in Oakville, ON. I was making a left hand turn and the way was clear. Another driver was also turning right onto the same road. However I starting turning onto the road before they did. As I was attempting to complete my turn there was a young boy on his bike getting awfully close to the intersection to my right and where my tractor was approaching. So with caution I kept an eye on him for a split second only to hear a crunch. I looked in my driver’s side mirror to find this driver had stopped mere metres from the intersection where I had turned from. My trailer axle had bumped his rear axle. Anyone who drives a tractor trailer knows that your rear trailer axle is basically your pivot point. On top of that said driver had stopped totally crooked and in my lane.
I immediately aquired the service’s of X-Copper as I knew this wasn’t my fault and didn’t want this on my driving record or my C.V.O.R. Right from the start Brandy helped me feel at ease and assured me that everything would be fine. I’m a long haul driver/professional mover and as such I’m on the road for week’s at a time. Brandy reassured me that they could represent me on my behalf should I not be able to attend my court trial date.
Well, my trial date was set for March 2nd, 2015 and low and behold I had to leave for Ohio on Match 1st. It is with great relief and sheer joy that I can now say that they represented me in court and the Crown couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accident was my fault! So all charges and fines were dropped and thrown out of court. I would highly recommend X-Copper’s services to anyone who has a traffic violation and needs professional help. They definitely are the best out there and really live up to their reputation. I’m extremely satisfied with the results they got me!
With many thanks,

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