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X-Copper provides professional, effective and affordable representation in Markham , Vaughan, Toronto, Stouffville, Claremont, Richmond Hill, (and the surrounding areas) to residents and businesses charged under the highway traffic act , criminal code, or any commercial vehicle offences. X-Copper can assist you with traffic tickets, speeding tickets, collisions, impaired driving charges (DUI) or any other criminal offences.

X-Copper is owned and operated by Lawyers and former police officers ensuring that all our clients receive a positive outcome to their legal issues. X-Copper is fully authorized by The Law Society of Ontario to practice law and abides by their rules and regulations.

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Reviews and Testimonials

I'd like to thank Xcopper for taking care of my speeding ticket that I got in Niagara Falls, NY in December of 2013. The ticket was scrapped and I didn't have to pay anything. Xcopper's legal fees were very reasonable and I never had to go to court... they handled all that for me. SPECIAL THANKS to Charles Culbert who handled communications with the lawyer on my behalf and took care of the legal aspects behind the scenes. He kept me up to date on the standing of my case. KUDOS to Xcopper and their affiliate lawyer in New York.

I found X-Copper Legal Services to be a cohesive and simple process. Ron LYNN was professional and pleasant to work with. I had an excellent experience with X-Copper and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. They reduced one ticket and was able to completely cancel out the other. hank you Ron!!

Ron Lynn did a superb job from start to finish on my case. He followed up and always kept me in the loop through out the process. I will recommend his service without hesitation.

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