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To protect Ontario citizens and promote safe driving, the province has strict laws regarding individuals driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol, as well as reckless driving, driving with a suspended licence, and many more.

Punishments for Driving Without a Licence

To be legally allowed to drive, you must hold a valid licence of the appropriate class for the vehicle you are driving. This offence applies to anyone driving a motor vehicle without a valid driver's licence. If you have been issued a driver's licence and it expires and you do not renew it, you could be guilty of this offence. Penalties for driving without a licence vary depending on the circumstances causing the lack of the licence. For example, if the driver has never had a licence before, or it is expired, the punishment will be less severe and may include high fines.

Upon conviction of driving with no licence, the different penalties are:

  • A fine of between $200 - $1,000
  • A conviction on your driving record for 3 years
  • Raised insurance rates
  • Even potential jail time

Reasons for Driving Without A Licence

There are many different reasons why an individual may be caught driving without a licence. Often, people may have never applied to receive a driver’s licence from their local Service Ontario. A driver may also have been caught without their licence because it has either been suspended or revoked due to driving without a valid or suspended licence.

In some cases, a person may be stopped for a traffic violation and realize afterwards they have forgotten their valid licence. Even though they own a valid licence, the driver is unable to prove this to the police officer. Therefore, the driver will either be given a citation or a warning, but they are provided with the opportunity to show the licence at a later date. Failure to produce a licence is presumed to mean the driver does not have a valid drivers licence, and it is the driver's obligation to produce a licence in the court in order to avoid the punishment.

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