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Failure to adhere can result in one of two HOV lane charges:

  • Improper use of high occupancy vehicle lane - HTA 154 (1)(3)
  • Fail to obey lane sign - HTA 154 (1) (c)

Some of the criteria in place may only allow certain types of vehicle like buses, limos, or taxis to use the lane. Another example of criteria may only allow access for vehicles with a specific “green” licence plate designation.

The criteria can differ depending on the lane, type of road, and the signage in place.

Ultimately, if you do not meet the depicted requirements and are caught within, entering, or exiting an HOV lane, you are committing a traffic violation. These offences may seem like very minor violations, however the penalties for this offences will affect your driving record and could raise your insurance premiums.

Penalties for improper use of high occupancy vehicle lane:

  • Three demerit points
  • $110.00 set fine
  • A conviction on your driving record
  • Penalties for fail to obey lane sign

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