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5 Benefits of Hiring a Paralegal Compared to Other Legal Services

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Jason Baxter

Hiring a paralegal may be a better option for you to solve some legal issues. Paralegals are legal professionals. They often work for law firms in support of lawyers and attorneys.  They may also be independent contractors who support legal organizations. 

Paralegals can represent people in small claims court, traffic court, specific criminal matters, and before tribunals. 

Here are 5 benefits of hiring a paralegal compared to other services. 

Highly Educated 

To become a paralegal, a person must complete a paralegal program, at an accredited university or college, that is certified by the Law Society of Ontario. They must then pass a Paralegal Licensing Exam before being licensed as a paralegal by the Law Society of Ontario. 

More Affordable 

Paralegals, in comparison to lawyers, are much more affordable. Lawyers have more knowledge of the law due to the profession, meaning they can take on much more complex cases. 

Paralegals have similar knowledge and may have years of experience dealing with legal situations, making them ideal for certain legal matters. Their hourly rate, as a result, can be lower than that of a lawyer. 

Devoted To Clients 

Paralegals can handle more than one case at a time. However, they usually will focus entirely on a single case before moving to the next. This means, if you hire a paralegal,  you may have more access to your legal representative versus other legal representation, like lawyers, who may be handling multiple complex cases at once. 

Specific Skill Set 

Not only are paralegals educated and certified, but they spend time doing tasks lawyers are not required to do. Paralegals file documents in court and can have a more in depth understanding of how court proceedings function. This extra skill set can be useful in certain legal matters when you need that extra background knowledge. 

Extensive Legal Knowledge 

Just like lawyers, paralegals need to be educated on the law. They need to understand how it works and how to defend specific cases. Paralegals can be just as knowledgeable as lawyers. They can deal with similar cases and represent their own clients. 

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