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Fight Driving Tickets and Criminal Charges

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jason-baxtorJason Baxter

Should you fight driving tickets and criminal charges?

So, you’ve just been given a driving ticket and are wondering what to do. Perhaps you know you did wrong and think you should just pay the penalty, like any good citizen.

Or perhaps that light wasn’t actually red when you drove through it, or maybe you’re fairly sure that you were driving well within the 30kph speed limit. But it’s your word against the cops, and why should they believe you?

Or perhaps you are an Ontario resident driving in New York (or a New Yorker driving in Ontario) and didn’t realize that there is a reciprocal agreement between the province of Ontario and the state of New York; so drivers convicted of a traffic ticket in the state of New York will have home jurisdiction penalties such as demerit points and /or suspensions applied to their Ontario driver record as if the offence occurred in Ontario.

One thing is for sure – you realize that this driving ticket could taint your otherwise spotless driving record and haunt you financially for years to come.

And regardless of the rights or wrongs of your case, getting pulled over and given a driving ticket can be an extremely stressful time. You should be aware of the implications of being convicted of even a minor driving offence. A conviction could lead to fines or demerit points on your license. A guilty verdict for major traffic or criminal offences can include harsher punishments such as driver license suspension or worse, jail time. These charges can also affect your insurance premiums.

So what should you do?

First, you have to weigh your options. Fair or unfair, when you get a ticket there is a window of opportunity to fight it or plead your case. You can decide to take your chances in court alone or choose to enlist the help of legal experts to help you fight the charge.

X-COPPER is one such legal firm that has a team of experienced paralegals and former police officers to fight for you and your best interests to ensure a positive outcome. X-COPPER has successfully defended clients on a wide variety of traffic offences including:

They have also successfully defended clients against criminal charges relating to Impaired Driving,
Refusing to Provide a Breath or Blood Sample,
Drunk driving (Over 80mg), Dangerous Driving and Dangerous Driving Causing Bodily Harm.

And X-COPPER has had good outcomes in cases involving COMMERCIAL VEHICLE OFFENCES such as Logbook violations, Overweight vehicle, Unsafe Vehicle, Speeding, Collisions, and Other Commercial Vehicle Offences.

Choosing to fight your ticket with a legal firm such as X-COPPER, no matter the charge or if you are guilty of the offence, could help you to protect your good driving record, and keep your insurance rates low. Their years of experience will help you to defend your rights throughout the legal process so as to avoid any negative consequences. And their legal advice comes at a price you can probably afford.

Ultimately, the goal of firms like X-COPPER is to remove all charges against you. Their paralegals are licensed to provide you with services in accordance with, and authorized by The Law Society of Upper Canada. As a client, this means that you will always be provided with professional and confidential representation during the process. X-COPPER will work to protect your demerit points and driver’s license and, should the need arise, will strive to negotiate the lowest possible fine and remove the possibility of jail time.

X-Copper Legal Services Professional Corporation offers a full range of legal services to individuals and businesses in Canada and in the states of New York and Michigan. Their success is the result of the expertise of their legal representatives who are among the most highly qualified and experienced in North America.

So if you’ve got that driving ticket and are wondering what to do, perhaps your first step should be to click for a no-obligation free online quote or call 1-888-X-COPPER (1-888-926-7737).


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