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What To Do If You Are Pulled Over On A Highway

Driving Tips
Jason Baxter

Being pulled over by an officer on a highway can happen for many reasons. You may have been driving significantly over the speed limit, forgotten to signal, or to move over for an emergency vehicle. Since highways have a higher speed limit and often have more traffic lanes and vehicles, it is important to understand what to do if you are pulled over on one. 

Turn On Your Signals or Hazard Lights 

Once you see a police car’s lights on and signalling you to pull over, turn your signal on immediately. This will inform the officer behind you that you have seen them and are complying. Make sure to move your vehicle all the way to the right until you are in a safe spot with no oncoming traffic. 

When you are moving into the furthest lane to the right, there is a chance that there could be an upcoming overpass. You can turn on your four-way hazard lights to let the police officer know you will continue to move over once it is safe to do so. 

Make Yourself Visible 

Once you have found a safe spot to stop, turn off your vehicle and keep your hazard lights on. Try to avoid making movements until the officer has approached your car. Wait until instructed by the officer to get your license or insurance. Making any sudden movements before the officer approaches your vehicle can raise suspicions. If you are pulled over on a highway at night, turn on an interior light so the officer can see you better. 

Patiently Wait For The Officer 

The officer will approach your vehicle once they are ready. If there is a lot of traffic on the highway, roll down the passenger window as well. It could be safer for the officer to walk along the right side of your vehicle, further from the oncoming traffic. Make sure you follow any instructions the officer gives you and to be cooperative. Chances are the officer does not want any issues and you don’t want to create any. You should also refrain from explaining your situation unless asked. Keep your answers simple. If you would like to contest the ticket, then you can contact an experienced traffic ticket legal team, like X-Copper, later on to defend your rights. 

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